Customised Solutions

Unlike the other pages and the other services advertised on this site, this particular service is truly unique, and it gets me very excited indeed! You see, the reason why this site was set-up was to come up with solutions to specific problems and issues. As you can see, I have specially created pages for general services that are in demand, such as product sourcing, web development and graphic design.

However, as an all-rounder, I will not be satisfied with general solutions when there are areas of specific needs. That is why I created this page, which I call “Customised Solutions”, because that is what it truly is. This “boutique” service allows you to discuss a specific need with me before putting me to work to help you find a solution. As usual, I’ll declare beforehand whether I can help you or not. Here is the “typical” way of how this service may run:


Here are some important things to note:

  • While this is a boutique service, the prices are not “boutique”. In fact, the research deposit will probably be less than twenty bucks. In fact, in most cases, it will be ten bucks.  This, of course, depends on the issue. If it’s something I’m familiar with, the service fee will be cheaper because I know where to go immediately.
  • There is a reason why there are “basic” and “premium” digital solutions. It’s much easier to get basic products from my suppliers with the right license. And they offer good advice. (Otherwise they would have been taken down ages ago!) “Premium” products, however, are created by known industry experts with a proven expertise in that area, so the advice will be much more detailed. They also tend to come with money-back guarantees.
  • I have access to “basic” products that span a really wide range of topics! So if in doubt, just ask! And my licensing agreement with the suppliers will probably allow me to get it at a reduced cost compared to the price it’s advertised on other websites. Also, if you purchase premium products through me, I’ll throw in a few basic ones as a gesture of appreciation!
  • For most issues, I strongly prefer to help you resolve them primarily using digital products. There is a reason for this – digital products mostly focus on education! The more educated you are about the issue, the less money you’ll spend in future buying physical products for it. Furthermore, digital products are also delivered instantly, so it saves you the annoying waiting time.
  • If you do get a digital product, you MUST MUST MUST follow the advice! I cannot emphasize this enough. If you don’t, then it’s your own fault for not achieving the desired results. The example I always use is this – you can learn all about exercise, but if you don’t take action, you won’t lose weight!

How does all this sound so far? Fair, isn’t it? I have had a proven track record in this area with many satisfied clients, which is why I’m offering this service. My business partner is also an expert in this area, and will act as my close confidante and adviser for your project. So go on, contact me and let’s solve your issue!