Event Management (Limited Availability!)

Notice: At the moment I have limited availability to pursue this, due to various other commitments, including an overload of clientele for my other services. However, do get in touch if you need this service. Just a heads up that I might refer you on if your needs require more time than I can commit. Thanks!


Have a Perth-based event held on a weekend and need someone to oversee it or emcee it? Or maybe you are short of manpower and require someone to tend a stall at an exhibition or expo? Well, I might just be the right person for the job! Let me explain this a little bit more so that you can have an idea of whether it’s the right fit.

I have had extensive experience coordinating and managing small-to-medium scale events. My area of specialty happens to be informal-dinner-type theme evenings. I have co-organised several of these events while working for an organisation called Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE) as well as volunteering at the Postgraduate Student Association (PSA) at the University of Western Australia.

Some of the things I had to help with were venue bookings, planning and contacting vendors for food catered to a wide variety of palates, contacting participants of skits, dances and musical performances, checking the PA and sound systems, keeping in touch with the guests, producing promo material, and even emceeing or being quizmaster. I’ve put some of this information on my LinkedIn profile, which you should totally check out.

If you had ever helped out with events, you will know how much work goes into it. Not only does it require covering all angles and communicating with multiple parties, it also requires careful planning with time, budget and back-up plans. And I have that experience!

geralt / Pixabay

Before we go any further, I should probably mention a few conditions of hiring me as your event planner.

  • It has to be a small to medium sized event that falls on a weekend and within the Perth metropolitan area. I do not have experience running large scale events such as massive ethnic-style weddings or large-scale expos and am not confident with running those.
  • The event should not be illegal. 
  • The client bears all other costs apart from the service itself. That means that in the event that I need to acquire additional items, the client would pay for them directly upfront….
  • The more preparation work is required, the higher the cost, duh.

I think I’ve said enough, as the list can go on and on….. Just get in touch with me directly to have a chat about your project and work out the details. There are so many factors involved. And also since I am an ethical person; philanthropic and moral events such as charity fundraisers will cost much, much, less (if anything at all). I’m an open-minded person, so let’s have a chat about it…