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Hi there! Welcome to Solutions4me. If you have a specific need, we might be able to meet it with some of our services. The reason why we use such a broad term like “need” is because we recognise that some “needs” are more complex than one specific issue, and we do not wish to limit ourselves to a specific area of focus. That is the basis and founding principle of this site in the first place!

You see, this website was started by one person (myself, also known as Mark), after I discovered that as an all-rounder, I have helped people with specific issues all my life. In areas which are not my specialties, I do not provide direct advice, but am resourceful enough to refer the person to someone who can help you with it. It is this people-centric nature that forms the core of this operation.

One other feature worth mentioning is that my (or “our” in the case when I introduce someone to the job) services will almost always be more affordable than that of other local firms. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I am doing it as a point of interest rather than as a need. I already have a full-time job, so I can afford to charge less. Secondly, although I’m competent in the services I provide, I won’t have the formal qualification. So how, in all fairness, can I charge you the rate of a bread-and-butter professional, right? 

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So, what can I, and my associates do for you?

Truth be told: there is really no stock-standard answer to this. It really depends on the nature of your need and what you are willing to accept. That is why we don’t make promises beforehand and always urge you to contact us first. However, we do have some services that you might be interested in finding out more about. Hint: they are found on the drop-down menu on this website. Let’s go through those categories one step at a time, shall we? I’ll keep each part brief since there is a lot to cover.

1) Fitness Consulting: I, Mark, am a real life weight loss success story. Over the years I have used my success to motivate others to similar success. So while I have no formal qualifications, my track record speaks for itself. In recent years, my start-up, known as Granite Fitness, which consists of books, fitness bands and skipping ropes have been well-received and is my latest instrument contributing to the success of my fitness motivation. Click here to check out this service! At the moment I will outsource this function to a mate who does have the formal qualifications.

2) Personnel Management: Since I, Mark, am the only one doing it, this service is only available for people in Perth. Basically, this service is targeted at people who are small-time “public figures” who want an online presence as part of their overall marketing plan. I had managed a comedian and an artist a few years ago. I helped them with their websites, online marketing, public relations and, being “grassroots”, also went to some of their live events to hustle and mingle with their fans. And they loved me!

I’m happy to report that both of them are now in Melbourne – the artist has moved on to other things, while the comedian is doing very well. More than happy to introduce you to them so that they can give me a glowing testimonial. Apart from this, I also provided life coaching to another lady who has a disability. She is feeling a lot happier these days. Click here to check out this service!

3) Event Management: I have plenty of experience organising and hosting events, specifically in university settings. I’m not talking about “drinking” events where there is little to be done, but things like multicultural dinners and quiz nights which require heaps of preparation and planning. Everything has to be organised – from the food to the performers to the security plans. And I have also been known to emcee and host the event while being a co-organiser! So leave your event to me and all will be well! Click here to check out this service!

ClkerFreeVectorImages / Pixabay
ClkerFreeVectorImages / Pixabay

4&5) Web Development and Graphic Design: So you want a resume website to showcase your skills and increase your employability? Perhaps you fancy yourself as an expert or rising star at a specific craft, and want to showcase it to your potential or existing fandom? It is surprising how so many people are well-loved netizens in their niche, yet are unable to fully take advantage of it and establish themselves for greater reach (and potentially money-making opportunities). Well, hire me to help you get your site and graphics sorted! Click here to check out my web development service and here to check out my graphic design service! Oh, and I work closely with my business partner and close confidante when it comes to additional web-based services, so you know there’s an extra pair of eyes looking out for you.

6) Writing of Editing: You know, it never occurred to me to provide such a service, seeing that my English probably has the occasional grammatical mistake! However, seeing that I have always helped people edit their work, I figured out that I can probably offer this as a service. Not only have I written books and have many writing-related accolades, a lot of what I have helped people with have attained the most positive outcome – think sales, grant success, higher assignment grades. And for crying out loud, my previous full-time job includes helping students with their appeal and complaint letters. Think about it. And my current work also requires a lot of writing and communication. Click here to check out this service!

7) Customised Solutions: This is my FAVOURITE service to provide, without a doubt! In the past I have always helped my friends do research on their needs as well as their interests. And I have covered a wide range of topics, from hair loss to environmentalism to spirituality. So if you need a solution to a specific issue, just hire me to do the research and present you with some options! I describe this process a little more on the page itself. Click here to check out this service!

Anyways, just for your info, and as a rough guide……