Personnel Management

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Hi there, let me start off by saying that I’m going to be honest here – I was struggling to decide whether I should put this page up and offer this type of service or not. And one of the reasons why I feel this way is because “agents”, be it player managers or real estate people often have a bad reputation for the job that they do. And being an agent requires a wide range of expertise and a lot of time.

In my personal circumstance, I do have a wide range of expertise and skills which I can offer my clients, but I might not have the time to do so. With this in mind, I’m just going to lay out what I’ve got and what I can reasonably provide. If you fancy yourself as an artist, comedian, entertainer, musician, band or other minor public figure or celebrity, please read on. Otherwise, this service isn’t quite for you.

If you do fall into those categories, I can be your helper. What this means is that I can help set up a website for you (although you’ll have control over the content), develop graphics, connect your social media accounts, and develop strategies for you to promote your work and increase your earnings a little.

Just to be clear, being an helper doesn’t mean I have to be there all the time, so we can discuss my level of involvement in your work. You can probably tell that the above entails a lot of work, which is why I was hesitant to put myself out there. The most likely scenario is that I will set everything up, and then patiently teach you how to put up posts and such so that you can do it in your own time.

Obviously, if you are a career musician or artiste, you’ll probably need a proper marketing or talent relations agency to accommodate your needs. They will have the expertise and time because you’re paying them a lot and expecting a huge profit from it.

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My services are for those who are doing it “on the side” and simply want more exposure, recognition, engagement and joy from their craft. And a bit of extra pocket money is also good. But the main benefit of having someone like me, other than making yourself seem more important, is having someone there who will motivate you, keep you accountable, encourage you during tough times, and engage in negotiations and conflict resolution when you are overwhelmed with emotions that could cloud your judgment.

The reason I am offering such a service is because I have seen friends being messed around and cheated by so-called professional agents who did not do much work, yet retained a huge proportion of the artiste’s earnings as per their agreement. As a human being, I do not want this to happen to anyone.

So if you do engage my services, I’ll be upfront with you about costs. Obviously, you will need to cover costs such as webhosting, merchandise production and shipping etc, but the amount you give me for my services is open to negotiation. Most of my clients simply offer me a share of their profits, since my contribution greatly increases it.

As you can probably tell, the contents of this page are a little different from my other pages. I display less certainty in my service delivery because I can’t and won’t make any promises that I am not 100% sure of keeping. All I can do is hope that you contact me and we can discuss it further, okay?

Now, onto my biggest success story – Melbourne-based comedian Helchild! She was from Perth and utilised my services. Her eventual success drove her to a much bigger market. These days all I do for her is manage her website and help out with her social media. My involvement is so minimal that I am not even charging her. Seeing her make it big in such a tough market almost brings a tear to my eye. Have a look at her website.