Writing or Editing

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Do you or your business need help with your writing or editing? I may the person you’re looking for. And I use the word “may” because my services in this area is limited, as I am not a professional writer or English major at university. I have to be honest, declare it upfront, and get it out of the way. Honesty is the best policy, and that’s a principle I always abide by.

Nevertheless, my writing skills are, at the very least, good enough to secure me a high grade in the IELTs test. And I do have three university degrees and a Diploma under my belt, all done in English. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see what I’ve been doing.

The reason why I am offering this service is because I have been told that I’m a good writer, despite not having formal qualifications in this area. I often help my friends with writing, and that has helped me built an “informal” track record.

Here are some areas of accomplishment in my “writing track record”:

  • Scientific writing: I have completed one Masters Thesis and one dissertation as part of another Masters project, written and published several conference abstracts and posters, as well as contributed to journal articles that were published and research grants that were awarded successfully.
  • Book authoring: I have written four digitally published books that were sold on a few different platforms to happy readers. These books are: Winning Psychology Manual, Strategic Nutrition Guide, Lifelong Fitness Blueprint, and Traveller’s Fitness Bible. Oh, I did hire a copywriter to check my work, as a point of professionalism.
  • Blog writing: I write most of the articles in the Granite Fitness Blog and have helped with press releases for online product launches. As an author I have also submitted guest blogging entries to numerous high ranking blog sites in the fitness niche. In the past I had also written blog posts for organisations and committees which I had volunteered for and served at.
  • Sales copywriting: I have done web copyrighting for individual sales pages prior to a product launch before. In the interest of preserving client confidentiality, I’ll only share the sales copies of one of my own earlier products: Granite Fitness Solution, Travel Fitness Solution, Granite Fitness Masterclass, Fitness Bands.
  • Local media publications: My work has also been featured in a wide range of newspapers, magazines, and association newsletters in the form of full articles, letters to the editor and opinion pieces. Most of these fall into the categories of activist groups, community organisations, and association committees. They include Perth’s Community Newspaper, Western Suburbs Weekly, Greenleft Weekly, Pelican, Aytonomia, and my college yearbook.
  • Official documents: When I was doing compulsory military service in the Singapore Armed Forces, one of my roles was assistant to a high ranking secretarial official. As such, I was responsible for writing formal documents such as directives, regulations, policies, and procedures. I am doing that in my current role as a Human Resource Manager also.
  • Appeals and complaint letters: It just so happens that writing such letters was the bread and butter of my previous full-time job! The policies which determine my clients’ fates can often be subjective, and so my persuasive and professional writing style has been known to tip the delicate balance of the case in their favour, resulting in the best possible outcome!
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So, what services am I offering?

Since I know that writing and editing is extremely time consuming, there are limits to what I can offer. In the interest to being fair to potential clients, I will be upfront and only accept jobs which I am able to provide good quality work. There is no “set standard” list, and everything is open to negotiation. In light of this, I am most comfortable accepting writing or editing jobs for these:

  • Conference abstracts
  • Research grants
  • Blog posts
  • Online sales script
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Articles: any kind
  • School or university assignments
  • Appeal and complaint letters

However, as I mentioned before, I can also work with any other piece of written work not mentioned in the list above. That being said, I must once again emphasize that we have to discuss the scope and requirements of your writing project before proceeding with it. I am unlikely to accept larger tasks such as editing your entire thesis or book because those would be too time-consuming. However, I do have an industry contact who will be happy to do just that! Just get in touch with me and discuss your project requirements.


ps. If you do need help with larger-scale tasks such as thesis proofreading or SEO-specific writing, please get in touch with me too! I have contacts whom I can recommend for such jobs.